PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment

Hair loss / Hair thinning/ Hair thinning – Background

Hair loss is a natural process. Every day about 100-200 hairs fall out naturally as part of the hair regeneration 

Androgenetic alopecia in men: Balding in men is affected by the hormone DHT which belongs to the androgen hormone group. DHT is the reason for the aging of the hair follicles, it starts a process which leads to exhaustion of the hair follicle and eventually to alopecia (baldness). The origin of DHT is the primary male sex hormone Testosterone.


Hair loss and the leading cause for baldness


Genetics is the prime reason for hair loss in men, even at young ages, which as aforesaid, caused by the DHT hormone. The background for it is inherited. In different circumstances, diffuse hair loss, mainly in young women, is caused by a lack of minerals and vitamins due to poor nutrition or poor absorption.

PRP treatment

The Platelet Rich Plasma treatment was first mentioned in the scientific literature in 1954. originally it was used for orthopedic purposes, especially for sports injuries in muscle tissues, skeletal damage, tendons, joints, bones, cartilage, etc.

 PRP treatment for hair loss in man and women require a series of repeated sessions. The treatment is based on platelet injections from the patient's blood plasma. Similar to any standard blood test, 20 ml of venous blood is drawn from the patient. 

 Once the sample is ready, the blood is being processed using a centrifuge to separate the blood components. Only the platelets are used due to the significant amount of growth factor proteins they carry. The platelets are injected into the scalp so that the growth factor proteins will stop the hair loss and renovate the hair follicles. 

PRP is a common treatment in the aesthetic medicine field and also can be used as an anti-aging facial treatment. 

Platelets are injected into the skin and activate growth-stimulating proteins, which affecting hair growth and collagen (in the facial skin).

 The platelet-rich plasma is injected using a standard mesotherapy technique. The rejuvenation process is taking about 180 days. However, it can prolong due to the renewal of collagen and elastin.

Selection of patients in the field of hair and facial hair loss Who can get the treatment

Hair loss treatment is intended for men and women of all ages who suffer from baldness or thinning hair. Before the treatment, the following updated blood tests should be performed: Blood count, iron level, ferritin TSH, vitamin B12 folic acid and vitamin D.



Contraindications for PRP treatment include diseases affecting platelet function, low platelet count, inflammation in the areas to be injected, fever, chronic liver disease, and anticoagulant therapy. 


It is recommended to stop taking anticoagulants (aspirin, coumadin) about a week before treatment.


 During injection, pain prevention is done by applying a strong numbing cream to the treated area 30-45 minutes before the treatment starts.  

 Side effects on the scalp are rare. Due to the injections, mild contusions or skin redness, which will vanish in a few days, may appear.   




Different injection techniques the way that treatments are performed significantly varies from one clinic to another.

 The main difference is in how platelets are enriched and injected into the scalp.

Almost every clinic in the world that offers PRP treatments uses a syringe with a standard needle to inject the blood platelets into the scalp. Using a conventional syringe is very slow and painful for the patient. 

Moreover, conventional syringe allows injection in a single spot, which affects the radius of this spot only.

However, the substantial advantage in our medical center is the use of PRP injection gun.

This particular gun injection device allows us to perform more than 2,500 injections in a single session and spread over a much larger area.


PRP treatments after hair transplant 


After hair transplant treatments, we recommend strengthening the growth process of the new hair with PRP.

The first injection is given as an integral part of the transplant process.

The second injection is recommended after two months.

In the period of 18 months after the treatment, we recommend getting 6 more injections at intervals of not less than two months from each other.

In Israel PRP is done by medical doctors only.  

And we offer treatments only to our customers at a special price.  

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