Hair transplant procedure

Step by step

Step 1:  Initial phone interview and match questionnaire:  

In the initial questioning, you will be asked about your health condition.  Some answers will enable us to move on to the step (personal counseling), while others might automatically disqualify you. In some cases, a re-examination may be required. You will be referred back to your medical doctor or, for initial inquiry with our medical manager – Dermatologist Dr.Gil Tauber  Providing honest answers is crucial for your match examination.

Step 2: Counseling meeting in Israel

The first meeting will be conveyed in one of our 6 branches across the country.   During the meeting, we take pictures of the head – The bald/thinning area and the donor area.  We send the pictures on the spot to our medical team in Istanbul. In the end, our recommendation will include the observation and evaluation of the number of follicles we can extract and implant.  

The counseling meeting in Israel includes initial filtering and matching expectations through an extended medical and personal questionnaire. The professional staff will make the final decision on the day of treatment in the hospital, depending on the condition of your skin and scalp.

During the counseling in Israel, you will get an in-depth explanation about the transplantation process, the travel destinations, and routs. We will answer any question you may have step by step.

This stage is critical in the field of hair transplants – matching expectations. In the counseling, we will put everything on the table with full transparency.


Step 3: Scheduling the flights and getting the required documentation.

After receiving the complete information, including a price quotation, we move to the technical stage – setting the departure date, choosing a tour (premium or private), and copying the passport.  In this stage, we will provide you with several essential forms:  Agreement form which you carefully review at home and bring it back in our next meeting to sign; before and after instructions; medical referral letter which informs your doctor about the procedure, asking for prescriptions, and check about allergies or sensitivity to medication (if so, alternative medications should be provided); guidelines for medical insurance abroad; guidelines before leaving the country; documentation for the stage of treatment – hair washing instructions, a recommendation for sick leave, first care at home after the implant, first review, second review, follow-ups until the end of the process.

Step 4: Traveling abroad

חסר כאן משך זמן הנסיעה, משך הזמן של הטיפול עצמו.

The premium tour includes close guidance throughout the journey – we make sure you get the complete experience with no loose ends – Flights, hotels, transfers, etc. On the premium tour, a group of patients sets off, accompanied by an Israeli representative from the company. Our accompaniment starts at Ben-Gurion Airport before departure and continues throughout the process abroad. Including personal care at any stage and full presence at the clinics, consultation with the experts, and determining the final course of treatment (drawing the hairline, forming implants, etc.). Accommodation in the same hotel and 24/7 availability for any issue or question you may have. In the premium tour, you are not alone for a single moment. It combined with unforgettable shopping trips to Istanbul's hottest markets, including nights out together to restaurants and entertainment. The premium tour is suitable particularly, for people who struggle with the English language and may have difficulty communicating with the medical teams. People who never left the country and feel more confident to go through the procedure accompanied by an Israeli representative.

In the private tour the patient sets off to the destination on its own. A company is still highly recommended – husband, wife, friend, etc. On the private tour, you choose your departure time. (You are not depended in the organized group's schedule) This tour is suitable for people with a sufficient English level to communicate with the local team and those who have already traveled abroad.  In this route, the patient gets the exact same treatment from the expert teams we work with. With the arrival, The company's chauffeur will wait for you at the airport and take you directly to the hospital. There, the team will personally walk you through the process. The chauffeur will drive you to the hotel, clinic/hospital reviews, and back to the airport. The personal tour is highly convenient for independent patients and for those who prefer the attractive price.


Step 5: First care at home after the transplant. 

3 days after the transplant, we begin washing the head very gently.  With time, increase the water current and the intensity of head washing.   In the first days, it is better to use someone with the wash.  Head washing of the transplanted area throughout the 45 days after the transplant: Water current – not directly on the head and not with intense current (The follicles might fall out of place); partition – In addition to the gentle current, it is recommended to use your hand and fingers as a barrier between the head and water; Water temperature – should be lukewarm water, not hot; foam should be applied on the implants and remain for 10-30 minutes before the wash (the foam helps to melt dry spots on the scalp). After waiting, we gently wash the foam; Shampoo – should be applied on both hands and gently patted on the scalp. Up to 2 months after the treatment, we are not massaging the head with shampoo but only apply it with gentle patting. Afterward, it should be washed with the gentle current. 

Most important:  Drying will not be done with a towel and not aggressively, we patting the head gently with a paper towel. 

Using hairdryer is forbidden for 6 months after the transplant – it might damage or even get the follicles out of place.


Step 6: The first review and the uncompromising monitoring process:

Our 18 months follow up has an essential meaning in the process, and for the best final result that we want to achieve for you. 

Many mistakes can be made during the recovery process that may harm the final results.   In the beginning, the follicles are sensitive and fragile, so wrong care, using inappropriate materials, and processes that haven't been treated on time (wounds in the donor ar implanted area, excessive itch, dandruff, or infection) can easily harm the process.  This is where the monitoring process comes in. consult us, send pictures, and get an immediate dermatologist opinion, online or frontal. We will provide you with the tools and solutions for any scenario to go through this process smoothly and successfully.

After the implant, the monitoring structure is customized per client according to their progress.  


Step 7: Precess finalization and guarantee certificate:

In order to fulfill the guarantee you must follow these rules: 

  • Attending the first review within 6-7 months at the company's clinics.
  • Send a photo of the donor and the transplanted area every 2 months. We monitor the growth and thickening of the new hair
  • Within 18 months from the day of implantation, attend final examinations with photos for your medical file record.
  • If necessary, we will ask for closer monitoring of both the company and the client.

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