Premium tour

Premium tour

Welcome to the premium tour

 The premium tour includes close and embracing guidance throughout the journey – we make sure you get the complete experience with no loose ends – Flights, Hotels, transfers, etc.  On the premium tour, a group of patients sets off, accompanied by an Israeli representative from the company.  Our accompaniment starts at Ben-Gurion Airport before departure and continues throughout the whole process. Including personal care at any stage and full presence at the clinics, consultation with the experts, and determining the final course of treatment (drawing the hairline, forming implants, etc.). Accommodation in the same hotel and 24/7 availability for any issue or question you may have.


In the premium tour, you are not alone for a moment.  It combined with unforgettable shopping trips to Istanbul's hottest markets, including nights out together to restaurants and entertainment. The premium tour is suitable particularly, for people who struggle with the English language and may have difficulty communicating with the medical teams. People who never left the country and feel more confident to go through a medical procedure abroad knowing someone is right there beside them. Or for those who feel safer to enjoy the trip with someone who knows the city and the places. 


Hair transplant for men

Hair transplant for women

FUE Method

DHI  method

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