private tour

private tour

Welcome to the private tour

In the private tour, the patient sets off to the destination on its own. A company is still highly recommended – husband, wife, friend, etc.

On the private tour, you choose your departure time. (You are not depended in the organized group's schedule) 

This tour is suitable for people with a sufficient English level to communicate with the local team and those who have already traveled abroad.   In this route, the patient gets the exact same treatment from the expert teams we work with.  

With the arrival, The company's chauffeur will wait for you at the airport and take you directly to the hospital. There, the team will personally walk you through the process.  The chauffeur will drive you  

 to the hotel, clinic/hospital reviews, and back to the airport.  The personal tour is highly convenient for independent patients and for those who prefer the attractive price. 


Hair transplant for men

Hair transplant for women

FUE Method

DHI  method

Travel destinations

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