Our philosophy

Ayelet Gayer company believes in its human capital. Our professional and devoted team has been with us for years, both in hard work and life.


Ayelet Gayer company believes in personal contact. The hair transplantation process requires personal attention all the way.  We guarantee to be there for you at any given time. 


Ayelet Gayer company believes in professionalism. A necessary condition of becoming an expert is uncompromising knowledge of the transplantation field. Including participation in international conventions, being up to date with the medical literature, and new technologies.


Ayelet Gayer company believes in integrity. Our services will not be sold at any price. Only in conditions of fulfilling our clients' needs and expectations in return to their emotional and financial expenses.


Ayelet Gayer company believes in patience. "Problematic client" does not exist in our lexicon. We believe in a client who wants to be listened and get the best quickest solution to his/her wishes.


Ayelet Gayer company believes in its clients. We place our existing clients at top priority. Clients who put their trust in the company and went through this medical, professional, and emotional journey with us. Our full attention is given to them.


Ayelet Gayer company believes in exceptional service. The reviews, service, and responsiveness needed after hair transplantation continue 18 months after the surgical procedure.  We will closely monitor your progress here in Israel.

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