hair transplants Istanbul, Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey has become one of the most powerful and successful trends in the world.  Thousands of patients around the globe arrive Turkey to get hair transplants thanks to its establishment as a world-class expert country in hair.  According to several evaluations, In Istanbul alone, more than 1,000 implantations are performed. 


On our journey to Turkey, if you will pick this destination, we will take you to the Asian part of the town, which for most eyes is considered as the most impressive and colorful area of Istanbul.  We will be staying in – Kadikoy Hotel and Hospital –  a vast district along a beautiful coastline populates half a million residents, excellent shopping sites, delicious food, colorful street arts, and great vibes.  


For those who like, the Grand Bazaar or Indoor Bazaar (Turkish: Kapalıçarşı) One of the largest and ancient indoor markets in the world – located in the Amino district of Istanbul.  It spreads over 58 streets in the second hill of Istanbul, including 3,000 stores and 250k-400k of visitors a day! This market is well known for its jewelry stores, pottery, spices, and carpets.  Many stores, cafes and restaurants are intended for tourists, however, many others maintained their authentic identity.  The Egyptian market – bordering the Grand Bazaar, is the largest spice market in Istanbul.

לקביעת פגישת ייעוץ חינם

לקביעת פגישת ייעוץ חינם

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